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Book Donation

  • In 2016, We decided to donate some essential books to economically back-warded and meritorious students and in 2017 we primarily started to donate books.
  • On 16th July, 2017, we donated some essential books to 19 students.┬áThis was only possible because of thoughtful contributions from some great persons.
  • Name of the Students who received free books:
  1. Riajul Islam (Hooghly/class-xi)
  2. Alifnur Mondal (Bargharia/class-xi)
  3. Rupali Karmakar (Hooghly/class-xi)
  4. Sabina Khatun (Ramchandrapur/Class-BA 1st year)
  5. Khairul Islam Monda l(Atlia/class-ix)
  6. Hafija Khatun (Ghoraghacha/class-xi)
  7. Faratunnesa Khatun (Hooghly/class-xi)
  8. Poly Purakyt (Narikelberia/class-x)
  9. Lakshmi Paul (Ramchandrapur/Class- BA 1st year)
  10. Riaz Mondal (Bargharia/class-xi)
  11. Shiuli Purokyt (Narikel Beria/class-ix)
  12. Tuhina Parvin (Hooghly/class-xi)
  13. Tuna Khatun (Ramchandrapur/class-xi)
  14. Sabana Khatun (Ghoraghacha/class-xi)
  15. Mirajul Laskar (Narikelberia/class-x)
  16. Rahul Mondal (Dakshin Chatra/class-xi)
  17. Urmi Mondal (Narikelberia/class-ix)
  18. Rahul Raja (Hooghly/class-xi)
  19. Parvati Paul (Ramchandrapur/class-x)

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